Internship Program at DIWDC

Under the guidance of Dr. Amelie F. Constant, interns attend several conferences by other think tanks in DC, represent the institute at various functions, engage in substantial economic research and contribute to DIWDC's scientific and policy outlets.

DIWDC is currently accepting applications for Fall and Spring internships in the fields of economics, public policy, political science, international relations, public relations and administration. If you are interested in interning at DIWDC, please contact for more information or call 202-429-2904

Current and Past Interns at DIWDC include:


  • Paul Mulholland Butler IV, Loyola University
  • Carolyn Ferguson, Franklin & Marshall
  • Erdal Kaplan, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva Switzerland
  • Jingzhou Meng, George Washington University
  • Phanwin Yokying, Randolph College


  • Lucy Axton, American University
  • Edyta Dziekonska, University of Maryland
  • Lauren Jarrell, American University
  • Jin Woo Kim, George Washington University
  • Stephan Kohzer, IZA, University of Bonn