DIW DC Policy Briefs

DIWDC is dedicated to publishing the most recent and ground breaking economic research to date. DIWDC Policy Briefs allow us to share with the economic and public policy community what the most recent economic studies illustrate about the United States, Europe as well as Asia's economic future. You will find original charts, graphs and figures produced by DIWDC's excellent research staff which will allow you to quickly but thoroughly read and analyze our institute’s expert economic studies.


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DIWDC Policy Brief December 2011: "Work Hours Constraints - Impacts and Policy Implications"


DIWDC Policy Brief September 2011: "Surviving the Turbulence Is Not Enough: Can Côte d'Ivoire Flourish Again?"

DIWDC Policy Brief June 2010: "A Race for Free Trade Agreements: The U.S. and EU Battling over South Korea"  

DIWDC Policy Brief November 2008: "Integration of Immigrants: Ethnic Identity Affects Economic Success

DIWDC Policy Brief November 2008: "Face to Face with the Financial Crisis: The U.S. Presidential Election from a Transnational Perspective

China's Education Policy Paper, September 2010