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Amelie Constant is the Program Director of Migration at IZA

DIWDC Executive Director becomes Program Director of Migration at IZA. She joins other top economists of IZA's areas: Evaluation of Labor Market Program, Behavioral and Personel Economics, Labor Markets and Institutions, Labor Markets in Emerging and Transition Economies, The Future of Labor, and Employment and Development.

She is the first woman economist to occupy this high profile post at IZA. Amelie Constant has been instrumental in the restructuring of the Migration area at IZA in 2004, and she has been serving as the Deputy of migration since then.

She is replacing Professor Barry R. Chiswick, who received the IZA Prize in Labor Economics in August 2011.

An elated Constant commented how she realizes that she has big shoes to fill, and that she is completely and earnestly committed to the economics of migration and the migration area at IZA.

An immigrant, naturalized in the US herself, Constant has been devoted to the field for the last 15 years. "I am looking forward to working closer with both deputies of the area, with the migration group in-house at IZA, and the IZA fellows and affiliates in migration."