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DIWDC's Executive Director, Dr. Amelie Constant, Editor of the New IZA Journal of Migration

IZA Journal of Migration

Editors: Amelie F. Constant (George Washington University) and Denis Fougere (CREST, Ensae)

Managing Editor: Corrado Giulietti (IZA)

Associate Editors:

George Borjas (Harvard University)

Barry Chiswick (George Washington University)

Shi Li (Beijing NormalUniversity)

Alan Manning (London School of Economics)

Pia M. Orrenius (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Una Okonkwo Osili (Indiana University-Purdue University)

Giovanni Peri (University of California, Davis)

Jacques Poot (University of Waikato)

James P. Smith (Rand)

Yves Zenou (Stockholm University)

Aims and Scope of the IZA Journal of Migration

The IZA Journal of Migration covers all issues related to the economics of migration and ethnicity in developed or developing countries. The journal constitutes the first platform dedicated to fostering the international debate and to promoting publication excellence in the field of migration economics.

The IZA Journal of Migration publishes original theoretical and applied contributions, including topics such as the determinants and consequences of human mobility in both sending and receiving regions and the analysis of migration experience including the assimilation of migrants and their children, their occupational choices, the role of immigrants� social networks and remittance behavior. Likewise, the journal encourages submissions of papers covering topics such as the economic analysis of ethnicity, ethnic identity, and language.

At a broader level, the IZA Journal of Migration aims at providing policymakers with evidence-based insight on the economics of internal and international migration. As such, papers which focus on the role of migration policies dealing with the monitoring of immigration flows, the process of naturalization, and asylum or illegal migration are also welcome.

The IZA Journal of Migration belongs to the family of field journals in The IZA Journal Series with Springer Verlag, also including: (i) The IZA Journal of Labor Economics, (ii) The IZA Journal of Labor Policy, (iii)The IZA Journal ofEuropean Labor Studies, and (iv) The IZA Journal of Labor & Development. Each journal publishes the limited number of 24 articles per year, where each article should be about 10,000 words (including tables, figures and references).

This will be a major joint product of the IZA network (and those who want to affiliate with IZA), which will play a central role in the evaluation process. It is an instrument of IZA to foster production of knowledge in the areas where IZA sees the need.

The aim of the new IZA Journal Series is to provide a high-quality, peer-reviewed outlet for papers, where the key characteristic of the submission procedure is the fast decision making and publication process. Acceptance/rejection decisions are expected to be made within one month; publication is expected within one month after submission of the final manuscript. The fast process from the submission to the acceptance/rejection decision is guaranteed by (i) an advanced desk rejection policy and (ii) the fact that only those papers refereed that require minor revisions are accepted while those not accepted are rejected without a detailed referee report. This requires the submission of manuscripts that are considered ready by the author(s) for direct publication if found suitable by the editorial team.

The IZA Journals will be an online journal series accessible through the SpringerOpen Access system. This implies that electronic access to all five new journals is provided freely and permanently worldwide immediately upon publication.

Contact and submission of manuscripts:

Preliminary homepage with further information and instructions how to submit to all the journals see:

June 03-04, 2012: 9th IZA Annual Migration Meeting AM�, Bonn, Germany
April 27-29, 2012: 4th Annual Meeting on the Economics of Risky Behaviors, Istanbul, Turkey
4th Annual German Day on Development with the World Bank
Conference Program and Downloadable Papers
Amelie Constant is the Program Director of Migration at IZA

DIWDC Executive Director becomes Program Director of Migration at IZA. She joins other top economists of IZA's areas: Evaluation of Labor Market Program, Behavioral and Personel Economics, Labor Markets and Institutions, Labor Markets in Emerging and Transition Economies, The Future of Labor, and Employment and Development.

She is the first woman economist to occupy this high profile post at IZA. Amelie Constant has been instrumental in the restructuring of the Migration area at IZA in 2004, and she has been serving as the Deputy of migration since then.

She is replacing Professor Barry R. Chiswick, who received the IZA Prize in Labor Economics in August 2011.

An elated Constant commented how she realizes that she has big shoes to fill, and that she is completely and earnestly committed to the economics of migration and the migration area at IZA.

An immigrant, naturalized in the US herself, Constant has been devoted to the field for the last 15 years. "I am looking forward to working closer with both deputies of the area, with the migration group in-house at IZA, and the IZA fellows and affiliates in migration."

Migration Scholars Receive the Prestigious IZA Prize in Labor Economics for 2011 in Oslo, Norway
Dr. Amelie F. Constant ranks among Top 200 Young Economists in the World

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Dr. Amelie F. Constant ranks among Top 10% authors in the field of Economics of Human Migration
May 12-15, 2011: 8th IZA Annual Migration Meeting and 3rd Migration Topic Week

Conference Program and Downloable Papers

April 15-17, 2011: Third Annual Meeting on the Economics of Risky Behaviors, Bonn, Germany

Conference Program and Downloable Papers

DIWDC board member wins the 2010 Nobel

DIWDC is elated to learn that Professor Christopher Pissarides from The London School of Economics won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Labor Economics.

DIWDC is honored to have Professor Pissarides on its board of distinguished advisers and thanks him for his contributions to economics.

China's Education Policy Paper Now Available Online!
  China's Education Policy Paper
DIWDC's First "Economics Seminar Series" is underway!

Starting in 2010, DIWDC is proud to begin an "Economics Seminar" series. As an economic research institute dedicated to teaching, DIWDC organizes various seminars in which students along with established economists are given the opportunity to present their research findings to a select audience.


DIWDC believes that the engagement of young as well as more experienced individuals in the field of economics will facilitate for a successful and beneficial learning environment.


Past Seminars:

Wednesday August 25, 2010

Time: 12:00pm-1:30 pm

Location: DIWDC Offices, Washington, DC


"Immigrant Remitters in the US: Sex and Ethnic Differences" by Agnieszka Postepska (Graduate student of the Ph.D. Program in Economics at Georgetown University)


"The Innovation Index of DIW Berlin and Policy Relevance" by Jens Schmidt-Ehmcke (Economic Advisor to the President of DIW Berlin)



July 16, 2010: Ms. Simone Schuller (pictured above), DIWDC's First "Economics Seminar Series" presenter, is a Ph.D. student at DIW Berlin. Ms. Schuller presented her research on Ethnic Idenity and Educational Progression of Second Generation Immigrants in Germany. Economists from DIW Berlin as well as from the World Bank attended Ms. Schuller's presentation. 

November 8-10 2010: "Innovation: A Scientific and Policy Conference": Location to be Announced
November 5, 2010: "InfraDay" Location to be Announced
November 3, 2010: "German Day on Development" The World Bank, Washington, DC
March 19-21, 2010: Second Annual Meeting on the Economics of Risky Behaviors, Atlanta, GA
November 2009: Infraday Conference, Washington, DC
October 23-24, 2009: Frontiers in Economics and Happiness Conference, Washington, DC
October 22, 2009: IZA Prize Ceremony & Banquet, Washington, DC
October 22, 2009: IZA Policy Meeting, Washington, DC
October 21, 2009: German Day on Development, Washington, DC
October 2-3, 2009: Fifth Annual Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
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