About DIW DC

About DIW DC

DIW DC is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan economics institution incorporated in Washington, DC. It was founded in January 2007. The DIW DC organization focuses on current and emerging socioeconomic issues of our time, both domestically and internationally, all while engaging in educational and research activities. Acting as a nexus between academia and public policy, DIW DC offers practical policy solutions and advice for both the general public and policy makers.

Through teaching, fellowships, visiting scholars, conferences and publications, DIW DC widely disperses educational research and analysis, serving as a vital catalyst between academic scholarship and policymaking. The institute achieves its goals primarily by bringing new knowledge to the attention of decision-makers and affording scholars greater insight into public policy issues.

DIW DC also offers a direct connection to international policy research (France research Assises Esr). Affiliated with leading German economic research institutions such as IZA, Bonn, DIW DC serves as a platform for joint research and policy advice activities between the U.S. and Europe. Focusing on issues of current social and economic importance, DIW DC facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge and people among U.S. and European policymaking institutions with the aim of stimulating transatlantic research exchange and providing unique insight into both economic landscapes.

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